The George Washington University, Washington DC
Bachelor of Arts in English and Film Studies, 2008

Trilogy Films, January – June 2017
Editor, “Bobby Kennedy for President”

Collective Hunch, November – December 2016
Assistant Editor, “The Rescue List”
Post-production workflow design

KPJR Films, August – October 2016
Editor, “Resilience” DVD Extras

Sundance Documentary Editing and Story Lab, July 2016
Contributing Editor

WeOwnTV, April – August 2016
Post Production Consultant, “Survivors”
Rough editing scenes
Technical supervision

Mile End Films, September 2015 – Present
Assistant Editor, “The Bandit” (Country Music Television), “Drought” (Discovery Channel), “The New Yorker Presents: Protect & Serve” (Amazon)
Offline to online edit turnover
Post-production workflow design (AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere)
Creating stringouts

Collective Hunch, September – October 2015
Assistant Editor, “The New Yorker Presents: Ride of Your Life” (Amazon)
Post-production workflow design (AVID Media Composer)
Creating stringouts

The Redford Center, September 2014 – September 2015
Assistant Editor, “Happening” (HBO)
Post-production workflow design (AVID Media Composer)

Restoration Hardware, April 2015
Editor, “2015 Q4 Board of Directors Address”

Finish Line Features, October 2014 – March 2015
Assistant Editor, “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap”
Post-production workflow design (Adobe Premiere)

KPJR Films, August 2013 – September 2015
Assistant Editor, “Paper Tigers” and “Resilience”
Digital media management (Final Cut Pro and AVID Media Composer)
Editing web/DVD content

KFAI’s Listening Lounge, February 2014
Radio Producer, “I’ve Been in a Fight”

Runaway Films, January 2014
Assistant Editor, “”
Post-production workflow design (Adobe Premiere)

KCRW’s Unfictional, March – November 2013
Radio Producer, “The Bear Story”

Hunt Avenue Productions, October 2012 – November 2013
Editor, PBS’s “Speed Skate”

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, January – May 2013
Media Manager
Field DIT
Digital media management (CatDV)

Thinking Out Loud Productions, June – November 2012
Assistant Editor, “Careers” (Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership)
Digital media management (Adobe Premiere)
Stock footage research

Moving Bits USA, July – October 2011
Assistant Editor, “Chilean Mine Rescue” (Smithsonian Channel)
Digital media management (Final Cut Pro)
Post-production workflow design (Final Cut Pro)

C21 Redwood Realty, August 2009 – February 2011
Marketing Manager
Producing print and web-based marketing materials
Photo editing
Updating and maintaining web content

National Geographic Television, May 2008 – May 2009
Research Assistant
Coordinating stock footage research
Coordinating post-production lab work
Archival research

National Geographic Film and Television, September – December 2008
Production Intern on “Dangerous Encounters”
Research, development, and fact checking
Conducting phone interviews

Best Editing for “Baffle their Minds with Bullsh*t, Kerry Leigh,” Bay Area Women in Film and Video Short Film Festival 2013
Best New Artist Final Round Selection for “The Bear Story,” Third Coast Festival 2014